About Me

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and why I decided to start a website about the fish Betta splendens!

I got my start with keeping betta fish rather innocently just like many other people do.  I inherited a 5 gallon tank from a family member who was fed up with taking the fish out and cleaning it every week because of some perpetually cloudy water.  I should start by saying that if something is new to me I look up answers right off the bat.

I quickly learned that the cloudy water was a result of frequent 100% water changes instead of being the reason to do the water changes in the first place. By the time the next spring came along, I was ready to put my 3 young goldfish into the pond and start with something new.  After dabbling with guppies for a few years I found out about the fun of bettas.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

I quickly got involved with breeding betta fish and had some fun with that.  After a brief hiatus due to life getting in the way I’m back on board with some high quality betta fish and ready to start breeding again.

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