Baby Betta Fish Pictures

Betta fish breeding can be so exciting. First of all, there is the challenge of getting the male and female bettas to breed properly. When you finally do this, you can see the betta eggs fill up the bubble nest. Then, the eggs hatch a few days later and you get to see baby bettas for the first time. These fish are vulnerable and sometimes tricky to keep alive until they reach adulthood.

If you know what you’re doing though, you will be able to see baby betta fish as they grow into healthy adults. If you are having a hard time breeding your betta fish and want to see what these ‘betta fry’ look like as they age, you can see some pretty cute baby betta fish pictures online. This article here has some fun pictures that show betta babies in pictures as they age.  It is from a spawn I had a couple years ago.

First up for the baby betta fish pictures is an image taken when they were one to two weeks old.

betta fry two weeks old

Next up is a picture of young baby betta fish that are eating grindal worms. This betta fry picture shows them at about 5 or 6 weeks old. You can see they are developing their colors nicely!

baby betta fish pictures - few weeks old

Finally we have a picture a month or so later – the fish are 10 to 12 weeks old at this point and are clearly growing up quickly. This picture of juvenile/older baby bettas shows that sibling fish can live together pretty safely for longer than you would initially think!

picture of juvenile betta fish

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