Beautiful Betta Fish Vase

Are you looking for information about how to make a beautiful betta fish vase?  This isn’t too hard if you follow a few different tips.  For starters, let’s discuss the betta fish vases in general.  This is a fad that sprang up pretty quickly within the last ten years or so.  Some stores started selling pre-made vases that included a plant of some sort, and a bright Siamese fighting fish.  They usually came packed with a little info sheet that told you how to care for the fish and the plant.  Many of these falsely told people that you don’t need to feed the betta since it will eat the roots and leaves of the plant.  This just isn’t so, but that’s not the discussion topic for today (incidentally, it was discussed earlier here: betta fish and peace lilies).

So – let’s get down to the dirty work – keeping your betta fish looking fantastic!  You don’t really need to do too much work to have a healthy betta in your betta vase.  The size is the most important factor.  Don’t start out with a small flower vase that will severely limit the room your fish can swim in.  Find a vase that has a nice bulbous shape to it and please ensure it holds at least a gallon of water.  The wider it is in the center, the happier your fish will be – and healthier bettas have brighter colors usually, adding to the beauty of the whole jar.

Where to get the plants?  There are a few different options for your plants – and any of these will look great in the betta fish vase!  I have seen people keep their tanks with any of the following three plants – peace lilies, lucky bamboo, or pothos plants.  You will realize that the one thing all of these have in common is that they can live in water but will put out their leaves and stalks into the air!  There is just something about a plant growing out of a tank or vase that is appealing to the eye.  Alternatively, you could have a fully aquatic plant such as a small anubias plant that your fish will like swimming in/around.

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Finally, don’t overfeed the fighter fish!  A tiny pinch of a good quality betta pellet food is all you need once per day.  Overfeeding will cause a bacterial or algae spike – spoil the water clarity and likely kill the fish and then the plant!

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