Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

Betta Bed Leaf Hammocks

Betta using a leaf hammock bed!

Today’s featured product is the Betta Bed Leaf Hammock, another fun betta tank decoration and accessory from Zoo Med Labs (yesterday we featured the floating betta log house).  There’s not a ton to say about this betta leaf hammock, but it is a pretty neat (and cheap) item to help add some fun to your fish tanks!

It is a plastic leaf about 7″ by 4″ that has a suction cup attached.  The suction cup is used to place the leaf hammock somewhere near the top of the tank.  Many people say their bettas love these hammocks!  In my own tanks, the bettas tend to hang out in live plants near the top of the water so I have no doubt they’d love something like this if I didn’t already supply a live version.

There are actually a few practical uses for these betta bed leaf hammocks as well.  The first that comes to mind is using them during spawning.  They could act as either an extra place for the female Siamese fighting fish to hide, or could possibly work as a more natural looking anchor for the male’s bubble nest (instead of a a styrofoam cup).

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Secondly, when bettas get sick, they often don’t like moving around too much.  You could use one of these betta leaf hammocks near the surface so your fish can save energy and avoid having to swim all the way to the top of the water to gulp some air.  If you use them for this purpose, it’d be best to get a few of them so you can avoid passing illnesses or betta diseases between different fish.

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