Betta fish and peace lily

For many people the betta fish and peace lily combination is a top choice for so many reasons. The peace lily is a fun yet elegant plant with nice leaves and bright green colors. They can live directly in water which makes them an ideal addition to any betta tank and a popular choice for betta fish vases. Bettas need about the same amount of water as a peace lily does too which makes taking care of both the plant and the Siamese fighting fish easy!

There are other benefits to keeping betta fish and peace lilies together. They are beneficial to each other for a few reasons. For starters, the betta fish is fed food on a regular basis. The fish processes these foods and produces nitrogen-based wastes. The plant uses these fish wastes to help itself grow. There will be small amounts of minerals and nutrients left over by the fish food that seep into the water and help fertilize the plant and keep it healthy as well.

In this way, the fish acts as a natural plant fertilizer just like animals and fish do in nature. Alternatively, the plants help keep the water cleaner by removing these wastes from the water column. As mentioned so many times at this site, the fish will be happier and healthier with cleaner water. The plants also provide shade and a good hiding place for your betta if it feels shy at any point in time. Your betta won’t always want to stay out in the open and it can easily tuck itself in amongst the roots and stems of the peace lily plant in its vase.

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Tips for keeping bettas and peace lilies
Your betta fish and peace lily will still need to have proper maintenance done to improve the health of both over time. Remember to stay on top of your water changes for the tank or vase you keep this pair in. If you don’t then the toxins and wastes can still build up slowly over time – resulting in toxic levels that aren’t good for either the betta or the lily. For some reasons, some people started false advice that you won’t need to feed your betta fish if kept with a lily or lucky bamboo. This is entirely false. The betta is a carnivorous fish that needs animal protein to remain healthy!

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