Betta Fish Food Alternatives

Are you looking for betta fish food alternatives?  If you are, you are likely looking for some options to help you avoid using mini betta pellets as the same food for your Siamese fighting fish day in and day out.  Well you’re in luck because there are many other food choices for your fish!  While the betta pellets are great for your fish, some bettas may get bored of this and stop eating it as much.

So, what other alternative betta foods are there that are still healthy for your fighter fish?  There are some main choices you can make.  The first, and best, choice would be live food.  There are a few live food options to choose from.  My favorite ones are microworms and hatched brine shrimp eggs when it comes to baby fish.  For adults and juvenile Siamese fighting fish there are larger live foods you can use.  The best ones I like to keep at home are grindal worms because they breed so rapidly and white worms because they are larger than grindal worms.

For non-live foods, your most nutritious option would be frozen foods.  These can even be bought online nowadays!  These foods are mostly fresh frozen bloodworms or mosquito larvae and are packed full of nutrition for your fish.  They tend to love these frozen foods and attack them ferociously!

Besides these obvious betta fish food alternatives, you might want to consider things like beef heart (which I have personally never used before) or live garden worms.  Some people cultivate red wiggler worms which are a bit smaller than earthworms  and can chop up easier into smaller bits.  They also multiply very quickly so are easy to grow at home.  Here’s a good red wiggler worm kit to make things easier

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