Betta Fish Medications

One of the most common reasons that betta fish get sick is internal issues, which results in infections. These can sometimes be prevented by changing the water in the tank at least twice a week and keeping the water at a slightly higher temperature. Betta fish are tropical fish so they need extra care and they need a variety of food sources to keep them healthy.

Betta Fish Medication for Fungal Infections
Fungal infections occur when the water conditions are not ideal. It is visible and can be seen as white growths around the eyes, mouth, and fins.

Your first step should be to increase the temperature in the tank. Your second step should be to treat the infection with a medicine called Malachite green or Methylene blue. Malachite green is commonly used to treat infections in both fresh water and salt water fish. You can also add a teaspoon of sodium chloride (table salt) per gallon of water in the tank.

Betta Fish Medications for Ichthyophthirius Multifilius (Ich)
The protozoan parasite, Ich, exists on most fresh water fish and looks like small dots or markings on the fins and body of the fish. When the temperature of the tank is lower than 80 degrees F, this is more likely to occur so raise the temperature to above 80 degrees F. Again, simple aquarium salt can be effective but you may also need to use Malachite green or Methylene blue.

Betta Fish Medications for Velvet/Oodinium
The yellow velvet-like covering that you sometimes see on a betta fish is an algae parasite called Velvet or Oodinium. It usually occurs when fish have been shipped or have had water changes that are outside the norm or have poor quality of water. The fish become anxious and lethargic with fast breathing.

Methylene Blue or acriflavine are often used to get rid of the parasite. There is also a medication called Jungle’s “velvet guard”. The bowl or tanks should be emptied and cleaned before administering the medication.

Betta Fish Medications for Fin Rot and Dropsy
When betta fish get weak they often develop fin rot. This is a bacterial disease and can be treated with antibiotics. Dropsy is another bacterial infection that makes the fish appear “stuffed”. Both diseases are usually the result of poor water conditions. Mardel Maracyn-2 is one of the most commonly used antibiotics for fish. It can also be used for gill ailment, dropsy, and septicaemia. Change the water and clean the tank before administering and add a small amount of aquarium salt for optimum results.

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