Betta fish sizes

When it comes to betta fish sizes, the story is pretty straight forward.  For the most part, you will come across the normal sized betta that you see every day in pet stores and breeders’ homes.  On the far side of the spectrum are the giant bettas.  These can dwarf regular betta fish by doubling the length!  Let’s get down to some basic information about the different sizes of bettas.

Regular Sized Bettas

The regular sized bettas bettas are by far more common than the giants are.  These tend to grow about 4cm in length.  These lengths are measured as the length of the actual body, not including the tail.  Another way to describe this is to measure from the mouth to the base of the tail/caudal fin.

Giant Betta Sizes

Giant bettas, on the other hand are huge in comparison.  They can reach regular betta size by 2 to 3 months old and continue growing for a long them after that.  Many sources state that by 6 months they will be 5 to 6 cm long.  By 9 months they can even reach lengths of 7 to 8 cm!  These giant bettas can max out at 10cm in body length!  Their body mass is even more staggering since they can weigh as much as 5x the mass of a regular sized betta.  Because of this, giant bettas eat a lot more betta food!

Another entry will soon discuss giant bettas and some of the genetics behind them (and how they were developed), but you should also know that sometimes giant bettas are bred to bettas that are the regular betta fish size.  The offspring will tend to be larger than normal but not as big as the giant parent was.

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Here is a comparison of the different betta fish sizes:

giant betta fish

Giant betta -

betta fish sizes

Regular betta -

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