Betta Vacation Feeding Blocks

Betta Vacation Feeding Blocks

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If you are looking for betta vacation feeding blocks then this is one product you should check out.  Pro Balance is the manufacturer of this specific feeding block for your Siamese fighting fish.  This product is designed for use up to a week long for one to three fish which means they could be used for either male bettas or even for female fighting fish tanks (also known as sorority tanks),

What I like about these specific blocks for feeding your fish is that they don’t just contain flakes or pellets.  They actually are made up of a specific blend of both vitamins and freeze-dried foods.  They are designed to be neutral on your aquarium’s pH levels so should be safer for your fish!

Wonder how to properly use a feeding block so you can go on vacation and still feed your fish while you are gone?   Fortunately, this is rather easy.  All you have to do is drop the block into the aquarium and leave for your holiday.  The feeding block will dissolve slowly as the week goes on.  Over time, bits of food are released and your fish is able to eat them.  Some specific tips are recommended by Pro Balance (the manufacturer).  They say you should have the water temperature be at least 72F and the pH should be slightly acidic to neutral (ie between 7.0 and 6.6).

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These betta feeding blocks are designed for fish tanks up to 10 or 15 gallons.  Wonder what the specific foods are?  These would be all the freeze dried ones your Siamese fighting fish love:  bloodworms, tubifex worms, and even minerals, vitamins, and more!

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