Betta Water Temperature

Getting the right betta water temperature can be a tricky thing to do in certain circumstances.  This is usually because many people keep their bettas in containers that are too small to properly heat to the proper temperature for Siamese fighting fish.

What Is The Best Betta Water Temperature?
When thinking about betta water temperature the easiest way to remember what to aim for would be to keep in mind that bettas are tropical fish.  Most tropical aquarium fish need water temperatures in the range of 75 to 81F and bettas are no exception to this rule.  The ideal temperature for Siamese fighting fish is about 80F under most conditions.  Sometimes, however, you will need to raise this a few degrees (for instance, when treating bettas with ick).

How To Heat Betta Tanks To The Right Betta Water Temperature?
Not everyone will need to keep their bettas warmer than room temperature.  If you live in a region where the average temperature is above the low 80`s Fahrenheit, then chances are your bettas will do just fine if kept in a cooler place in the home.  For people in colder zones, though, this is where things can get difficult.  If your betta is kept in a little jar or betta condo, then you will have a hard time heating the water to a consistent 80F.

The best thing to do for your fish (for reasons other than just to get the proper betta water temperature) is to increase the size of your betta`s fish tank.  Some companies make small aquarium heaters that are great for betta fish tanks up to 7.5 gallons and slightly bigger heaters for the Siamese fighter that has a tank up to 15 gallons.  Fish tanks in this size range are much safer to heat with minimal risk of causing the water temperature to get too high!  These Hydor mini heaters are perfect for smaller betta aquariums.  There is a reason why they are the /1 selling heaters on Amazon!

Another Technique To Keep A Betta Tank Warm

Betta water temperature

Hydor Heater In Betta Aquarium

For smaller jars or aquariums, you do still have an option to keep the betta water warm enough.  This should be used as a last resort in conditions where you just can`t get a larger tank for your betta fish.  You can always shine a light near the side of the tank.  If you choose to go this route, please ensure a way to prevent water getting onto the light fixture as that is a huge risk of fire!  The other problem with this technique is that when the lights go out at night the betta container is no longer being heated.

What About Heating A Fish Room
Some people keep dozens or even hundreds of bettas all in one room of their house and choose to just heat this so-called `fish room` instead of heating individual fish tanks.  This could save a significant amount of energy and expense of buying many little fish tank heaters!  A separate adjustable thermostat for just the fish room is the best way to set this method up.

Now you should have several different techniques in your arsenal when it comes to giving your fish the proper betta water temperature!

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