Buying Betta Fish Bowls – What to look for!

Many people buy a betta fish as a display piece for a room and think that it can live in almost anything but that is not true.  Betta fish need room to move around and they need to get exercise.  If the tank that your betta fish lives in is too small, it will get lethargic and possibly get diseases and it will not live very long.  It is best to put some thought into the home that you will provide for your betta fish.

Pet stores often sell betta fish in little bowls because it is possible for them to survive in such a small place.  The reason for this is because they can breathe through their gills like regular fish but they can also breathe from the top of the water.  But is this the best type of living conditions for a betta fish?

It depends on how much attention you can pay to the bowl of your betta fish.  If your betta fish does live in a smaller bowl you will need to clean it and change the water very often.  Betta fish can live in stagnant water but it is not good for them.  Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to diseases.

The best living conditions for a betta fish is an aquarium.  It does not have to be a large aquarium.  A 1-5 gallon betta fish tank will usually be enough.  It will give your betta fish enough room to swim around and get exercise.  Exercise contributes towards a longer lifespan for betta fish.

Since the freshness of water contributes towards the lifespan of a betta fish, you should look for a fish tank that you can add a filtration system to.  You should be able to set up a pump so that there is always fresh water.  Betta fish tend to do better when they live in water temperatures of about 80 degrees F so if you can add a small water heater your fish will live longer, too.

Betta fish are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with purchasing a tank for a betta fish that is original or unique.  Just remember that the environment that it lives in will affect how long the fish lives.  Treat your betta fish well by giving it a home that is best suited to it and you will have it around for a long time.

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Searching the web for the best product deals...

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