Can Betta Fish Live With Other Fish?

One of the common questions about betta fish is “can betta fish live with other fish“.  There are a few different aspects to the answer instead of a simple yes or no! This has to do with the species of fish you want to put your Siamese fighting fish with, the tank setup, and the size of the betta’s aquarium.

Like many of the other answers on Fish Betta, the size of the tank comes into play in a major way.  The size of your betta’s tank is probably the most important factor to consider when asking if betta fish can live with other fish.  I have mentioned elsewhere that it is ideal to keep a betta in at least one gallon of water.  If you want your Siamese fighter to have betta tank mates please only consider this if you have at least a 5 to 10 gallon aquarium

What Are Good Betta Tank Mates?

can betta fish live with other fish

Apple snails make great additions to betta tanks!

There are many species of fish and other aquatic pets that make great tank-mates for your betta fish.  For starters, an obvious choice is the apple snail.  Most bettas will completely ignore an apple snail since they are not threatening at all, have no fins that will attract the attention of your fighting fish, and are quite slow moving.  The apple snail is a great choice because it doubles as a clean up crew – eating the left over betta fish food and dead plant matter too!

Chinese algae eaters are long, thin fish with tiny fins.  They like to stick on the side of a fish tank and eat algae and other wastes that would otherwise ruin the look of your betta’s tank.  The Siamese fighting fish will pay them no mind for the same reasons as the apple snail.

Corydora catfish make great betta tank mates!  These are a lively fish that like to stick on the very bottom of the fish tank.  They dart around the gravel sniffing out scrap foods and can suck up pieces that are stuck between the bits of substrate!  These cute fish are probably my favorite species of fish to keep with my bettas.

Fish That Definitely Cannot Live With Bettas!
On the flip side are species of fish that you should avoid keeping with bettas.  You can pretty easily guess what ones fit into this category.  I had an unfortunate incident when I was younger and tried to keep a male guppy and a betta fish in the same tank.  Within minutes the betta tore the fins off the distraught guppy!  Any fish with long flowing fins are not good candidates as betta tank mates!


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