Baby Betta Fish Pictures

Betta fish breeding can be so exciting. First of all, there is the challenge of getting the male and female bettas to breed properly. When you finally do this, you can see the betta eggs fill up the bubble nest. Then, the eggs hatch a few days later and you get to see baby bettas […]

Caring for a betta fish

Many of the other topics here at FishBetta will focus on very specific details about caring for a betta fish properly, but we thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a summary list of the key things you need to remember to keep your Siamese fighting fish in tip top […]

Betta fish and peace lily

For many people the betta fish and peace lily combination is a top choice for so many reasons. The peace lily is a fun yet elegant plant with nice leaves and bright green colors. They can live directly in water which makes them an ideal addition to any betta tank and a popular choice for […]

Beautiful Betta Fish Vase

Are you looking for information about how to make a beautiful betta fish vase?  This isn’t too hard if you follow a few different tips.  For starters, let’s discuss the betta fish vases in general.  This is a fad that sprang up pretty quickly within the last ten years or so.  Some stores started selling […]

Betta fish expert

We don’t all know a betta fish expert that lives close by to help us out whenever we need answers to questions about our Siamese fighting fish!  This would be a very handy person to have around though, don’t you think?  As a second best bet, is striving to have answers to all the […]

Betta Fish Training

Betta fish training is something that so many betta owners consider trying at some point.  They see how their betta interacts with them and just consider the possible tricks and fun things they might be able to teach a betta to do. You’d be surprised how easy betta fish training can be once you realize […]

Sick Betta Symptoms – How to tell if you have a sick betta fish

When betta fish get sick there are many symptoms that you may recognize but some of them are more common than others. Some sick betta symptoms are specific to specific betta fish illnesses, while others are more general. It is best to start with the more common betta fish symptoms to recognize illness right away. […]

Betta Water Temperature

Getting the right betta water temperature can be a tricky thing to do in certain circumstances.  This is usually because many people keep their bettas in containers that are too small to properly heat to the proper temperature for Siamese fighting fish. What Is The Best Betta Water Temperature? When thinking about betta water temperature […]

Feeding Betta Fish

Many people wonder about the best techniques for feeding betta fish.  There are many different sets of tips and tricks when it comes to betta food online that it can certainly be confusing for people who are new to keeping Siamese fighting fish.  The basic types of foods for bettas are pellets, flakes, live fish […]

Changing Betta’s Water Properly

It is unfortunate that many people don’t go about the proper routine of changing betta’s water on a regular basis. Some people do this because they might have been told (incorrectly) that bettas can handle the tiny cup of water for a long time or because they don’t realize the importance of regular betta tank […]

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