What temperature do bettas like?

Today we answer the question “what temperature do bettas like?” as this is something that is asked pretty frequently.  We touched on this topic before in another post about betta water temperature, but here we will talk in a bit more detail. Bettas like water temperature to be different in a few different circumstances.  First […]

Betta fish sizes

When it comes to betta fish sizes, the story is pretty straight forward.  For the most part, you will come across the normal sized betta that you see every day in pet stores and breeders’ homes.  On the far side of the spectrum are the giant bettas.  These can dwarf regular betta fish by doubling […]

How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

The average life span of a betta fish is about 2-6 years but that is just the average. Many people find that their betta fish live much shorter life spans than this. There are several factors that come into play though and by becoming familiar with proper betta fish care you can make sure that […]

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