Peaceful Bettas

Peaceful bettas are a great alternative to the more common Betta splendens species of Siamese fighting fish. Most people know that the common betta is highly aggressive.  Whether this is how it evolved or how we have bred it to be over the last few hundred years, the fact is that you need to keep […]

Best Betta Fish Tank Mates

Typically, betta fish are solitary creatures and they are very territorial. There is a reason why the other name that they are known by is Siamese fighting fish. They tend to fight with other fish that they consider a threat. Any fish that is very colorful or has large fancy fins is likely to be […]

Can Betta Fish Live With Other Fish?

One of the common questions about betta fish is “can betta fish live with other fish“.  There are a few different aspects to the answer instead of a simple yes or no! This has to do with the species of fish you want to put your Siamese fighting fish with, the tank setup, and the […]

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