Changing Betta’s Water Properly

It is unfortunate that many people don’t go about the proper routine of changing betta’s water on a regular basis. Some people do this because they might have been told (incorrectly) that bettas can handle the tiny cup of water for a long time or because they don’t realize the importance of regular betta tank water changes or maybe they just don’t think they have the time!

No matter what the reason, the goal today is to educate people about changing betta’s water. There are two main differences that can alter how often or how much of the betta’s water needs to be changed – these are whether the Siamese fighting fish lives in a small tank/jar or in a proper aquarium. We’ll start with the bettas who live in jars.

It is possible to keep a betta healthy even in a smaller jar or container. The key to doing so is keeping the betta’s water as clean as possible. In a small jar there is usually less than one gallon of water. This should be changed approximately every two to three days to remove the toxins that quickly build up!

Changing betta`s water

Clean water in a betta fish tank!

If you trust your pouring techniques you can carry the betta jar to the sink or toilet and slowly pour out about 3/4 of the water. When doing this I like to pour through a net as a safe-guard since some bettas like to swim into the flow of the pouring water. Then fill the betta container back up with water that is at the same temperature as the original water (and allowed to sit out for 24 hours if possible).

If you have a proper betta aquarium with gravel and decorations and even a filter or heater you can use a different technique when changing your betta’s water. A yogurt container (or similar) can be used to scoop out water and to replace it as well. Since the filter and gravel harbor beneficial bacteria that break down the toxins in the fish wastes you don’t need to change 75% of the water every few days.

Usually about 20 to 30% of the water can be removed and replaced on a weekly basis. Once every one or two months you can use a gravel siphon to clean out the gravel when changing a betta’s water.

That’s all that’s involved with water changes for your Siamese fighting fish. It just takes a couple minutes either every few days or every week to provide your fish with a fresh supply of clean water that will keep it living a happy and healthy life for years to come!

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