Dragon Betta Fish

What makes dragon bettas so popular? Is it because they are incredibly hard to find at good prices? I personally absolutely love dragon bettas but have only ever had one at a time since they aren’t easy to buy online. I recently started looking for dragon and found a few places that you can get them.

The first and best option would always be to contact your local betta fish society. You’d be surprised how many people breed bettas and there are likely a few in your town if you live in a city that is large enough. The IBC is a national congress where betta breeders unite to help breed and rank their fish. Some American breeders are really getting into breeding dragon Siamese fighting fish! That would be a good second place to start. Finally, online auction sties have bettas for sale and you can find ones you will like there!

Other Fancy Betta Fish

Are you looking for other fancy betta fish for sale? You’ve found the right place if you click here since you will be taken to a page on this website that is full of information about this fantastic type of freshwater fish. Some of the pages focus on how to buy betta fish so that you can get the best deals online, or even how to find local breeders that are into breeding the most fancy types of bettas.

You can find some great deals on the internet when it comes to buying bettas. There are some fancy color strains such as the dragon bettas which have extremely thick layers of pigment over the body – something you need to see in person to truly enjoy. Alternatively, the rarer color forms of bettas are easily found online as well. Some orange Siamese fighting fish are available as are nice butterfly bettas with a white or clear rim on their fins!

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