Floating Betta Log Decoration

Floating Betta LogMany people wonder what they can do to spruce up their betta fish tanks. Nobody wants to keep their betta in a fish tank that is plain and boring. Aquariums with more decorations in them are more interesting for us to look at, but more importantly, the betta fish will have more fun and should live a happier life if they have items to keep them entertained! The floating betta log from Zoo Med is a fun item that is pretty cheap to buy.

In nature your betta would be fiercely defending his territory. The floating betta log will give him a home to defend. It is a fake section of log that is hollow in the middle – perfect for providing a home for your betta. This can provide an area that your fish will feel more comfortable and safe in. The log floats in the water and measures about 4″ thick and is about 6″ or 7″ in diameter. The perfect size for most bettas (giant bettas might feel cramped, however).

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If you are concerned your fish won’t want to come out of its new favorite digs to eat its meals, don’t fret! There is even a spot in the top to give him his food! He won’t even need to leave the comfort of his floating betta log to eat his meals in peace!

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