Green Bettas

When it comes to betta colors, there are many options.  One of the more popular choices at times is a green betta.  People like green bettas for several reasons.  Let’s discuss how the color green can affect bettas.

One of the reasons people like green bettas is because the actual green color changes hues depending on the amount of light and the direction it hits the betta at.  The green, especially in shimmery fish has a dramatic variety of hues it can take on.  Dark greens may be visible in low light conditions but may even look like black or blue on first examination.  They may take on a more forest green in brighter light.

Breen Betta Fish

As with most colors of Siamese fighting fish, the green ones come in metallic and non-metallic versions.  The green metallic betta fish are distinguished from the similar turquoise bettas by a lack of blue coloration.

The ideal green betta would have a deep forest green color to it but these are very difficult to get your hands on and are likely quite expensive if you are able to find one in the first place.

Green Betta Genetics
Green Bettas have a pretty straightforward set of genetics.  The green color is not completely dominant over blues and other colors.  The green gene is denoted Bl (with the capital meaning dominance).  This gene technically is for the green iridescent betta fish.

Green bettas are dominant to both royal blue and steel blue.


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