How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

The average life span of a betta fish is about 2-6 years but that is just the average. Many people find that their betta fish live much shorter life spans than this. There are several factors that come into play though and by becoming familiar with proper betta fish care you can make sure that you fish lives in the upper range of the average life length.

How long do betta fish live?
One of the factors that affect the length of time your betta fish lives is the type of betta fish that you have. Did you know that betta fish that live in the wild are not as colorful as the fish that you would buy in a pet store? That is because fish that have been bred in captivity with the purpose of being sold are often bred with the purpose of having bright colors or specific color pattern. The brighter the color and the more inbreeding have occurred, the shorter the life span is likely to be. Also, fish that have been used for breeding purpose do not tend to live as long because they may be more susceptible to diseases.

how long do bettas live

Another factor that could decrease or increase the life span of a betta fish is the size of the tank it lives in. Healthy betas like to move around, spread out their fins, and they don’t like company very much. Give a betta fish a big tank all to himself and you can expect him to live for up to 6 years. There are some fish that bettas will put up with but they are very territorial and they’d rather have the aquarium to themselves. Fish bowls are not usually the best environment for a betta fish. Bigger tanks – a 2 gallon tank should suffice – encourage exercise, which makes for a healthier betta.

Finally, remember that what you feed your betta fish affects health, thus affects the lifespan. Since betta fish are carnivores by nature, live food is ideal for betas. They can eat worms, larvae, or insects. If it is not possible to find live meat for your betta fish, you might consider glassworms, tubifex, shrimp, or plankton. These can be bought frozen or you can buy it freeze dried at a pet store. Your fish will adapt to flaked foods but you will increase the lifespan of your betta fish if you supplement with live or frozen foods. And remember not to overfeed your betta! Give them only what they can eat at the present moment otherwise the food will sink to the bottom of the tank and the water will get polluted. They only need to be fed once a day.

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