Pink Oval Betta Condo Aquarium

Pink Oval Betta Condo Aquarium

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This is quite the unique betta fish tank.  It is neon pink which makes it great for little girls who just want to care for their own betta fish.  Would be a great addition to a room for young girls as it likely will fit right in with most color schemes in girls’ rooms!

One gallon betta aquariums are perfect for most home betta that are kept as pets.  They leave enough water for some stability and your betta has enough room to swim around nicely.  What I especially like about this shape of tank is that your Siamese fighting fish can actually swim around in it due to the oval shape which provides lots of room lengthwise.

The price is a bit more than you might expect but it is certainly money well spent!

So what comes with this pink betta oval condo fish tank?  What makes it worth the money is the included guide to keeping betta fish healthy.  You should be able to learn all the basic tips for caring for your betta fish in this quick and simple guide.  You’ll also get some betta water conditioner as well which helps remove the chlorine and chloramine from your tap water.  Finally, there is a nice sized sample of betta food for you to try out.  If you like it you can get more, but it is good to have a sample of Siamese fighting fish food for when you bring your new pet fish home!

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • ASIN: B005X0CM3K

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