Sick Betta Symptoms – How to tell if you have a sick betta fish

When betta fish get sick there are many symptoms that you may recognize but some of them are more common than others. Some sick betta symptoms are specific to specific betta fish illnesses, while others are more general. It is best to start with the more common betta fish symptoms to recognize illness right away. When you recognize common symptoms you will be able to see symptoms that may point to a more specific cause.

The first thing you should look for is a loss of color. Betta fish are generally very colourful and when their colors seem to become dull it could be a symptom of an illness. Some of the things that faded colors may be a warning of is poor water quality that leads to internal bacteria or parasitic infections. If the betta’s color becomes dull only in one area your betta fish might have a fungal infection. Color does change as betta fish get older but this happens slowly. When they lose color quickly though, it is usually the sign of an infection.

When betta fish keep their fins clamped more often than not they may have an illness. Clamped fins appear to be held close to the body and the caudal fin is closed rather than being open like a fan. Although betta fish don’t always swim around with their fins in full display, if they are rarely or never opening their fins they are likely to have an illness. Clamped fins is not an illness in itself but is the sign that something is wrong so if you notice that your betta fish is keeping its fins clamped over extended periods of time watch for other signals that may go with it.

Sluggishness is almost always the sign of a problem or illness. If your betta fish has no energy it is not something to be ignored. Lethargy can be a sign of many illnesses or it might mean that the water in the tank is not warm enough or does not have a balance pH. Your betta fish might also become lethargic if his diet is not balanced.

Finally, you should always be concerned if your betta fish does not seem to be eating normally. Betta fish will generally eat even when they are sick as it is part of their survival instincts. A betta fish that is not eating could have severe infections that could be parasitic, bacterial, or viral in nature. Look for other symptoms and get treatment immediately.  If you want your betta fish tolive a long time, then always be wary of sick betta symptoms and be ready to treat them immediately.  More detailed description of betta illnesses are available in the best book about betta care.

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