Unique Betta Fish Bowls

If you are keeping your Siamese fighting fish in betta fish bowls that are plain and boring then both you and your fish are not getting the most fun you can out of keeping tropical fish! One way to keep things lively is to get a unique betta fish bowl or tank that you will be proud to keep in your office or home! Your friends and family will definitely want to spend more time looking at your betta fish if they are intrigued by the tank and the accessories in it.

What Size Betta Fish Bowls To Get
When buying betta fish bowls you should consider the size as the first factor. If you are happy with changing the water every few days to keep it fresh, then a smaller 1/2 gallon bowl should be acceptable, though it does limit the amount of room your fishy friend can have to swim around in. A larger 1-2 gallon betta bowl is a better option since you don’t have to clean it out as often and your betta will love the extra room!

Getting A Unique Betta Fish Bowl Online
Thanks to sites like Amazon, there are dozens of fun and unique betta fish bowls for sale in one place online! They come in a variety of sizes and shapes for you to choose from. These sites also have great prices and usually offer free shipping on most items if you spend more than approximately $25 (which is easy to do if you get some betta food and other accessories to go along with your Siamese fighting fish’s new mini aquarium.

Unique Betta Fish Bowls Worth Checking Out!
Wall Mounted Betta Fish Bowl:
One unique betta fish bowl is the wall mounted version. This one is a full10″ in diameter and approximately 5″ wide at the widest portion. It securely fastens to the wall, holds about a gallon of water, and has an opening on the top for easy feeding and cleaning of the tank. Your betta fish should have plenty of room to swim around and you can even add a small aquatic plant to spruce up the decor! As a bonus, if you hang it higher on a wall your kids can’t destroy it or hurt the fish.

Tetra Waterfall Globe Aquarium:
The Tetra company makes this fish bowl that has a small water pump/filter built right in. This pumps water up above the tank where it cascades back in much like a tiny waterfall. This is a great way to have a unique betta bowl since most smaller bowls don’t come with a filter that improves water quality. Your betta will likely enjoy swimming in the gentle current too!

Umbra Fish Hotel: Do you think your Siamese fighter would prefer a lavish lifestyle that mimics living in a fancy high rise hotel? If so, this is a very unique betta bowl that is sure to get the attention of your friends! The plastic exterior has off-set windows and can be painted to match your decor. They are even stackable too so you can easily get that condominium look!

Overall, always remember to keep the water cleanliness in check if you are keeping your Siamese fighting fish in unique betta bowls.

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