What temperature do bettas like?

Today we answer the question “what temperature do bettas like?” as this is something that is asked pretty frequently.  We touched on this topic before in another post about betta water temperature, but here we will talk in a bit more detail.

Bettas like water temperature to be different in a few different circumstances.  First of all, we need to look at their natural environment.  This is the best way to determine what kind of aquarium environment we should look at for any species of fish we keep in our fish tanks, but especially for betta fish.  Bettas come from rice paddies in Thailand/Siam.  These waters are set in a tropical environment which means that year round average water temperatures in the smallish rice paddies would be about 74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (about 23 to 25.5C) (with some seasonal variation of course).

It is important to mimic this as closely as possible.  I personally used to keep my fish in room temperature water, which in Canada could be down in the lower 70’s in the winter.  I have, in the past, seen some fish die off at these lower temperatures, so now I have a good space heater that I keep in my betta room.  This allows me to heat just the one room in my house to 24 degrees Celsius as I like to keep the other rooms in the high teens so as to save energy.  If you prefer heating individual betta tanks instead of a full room, then specially designed betta heaters are the next best option.

Now, I mentioned that different temperatures can be beneficial in certain circumstances.  The main time to consider raising the temperature that your bettas like would be when your fish are sick.  Betta fish diseases such as ick and other parasitic infections can be eradicated with ease if you raise the water temperature up to 80 to 81F (27C).  This is because the parasites do not tolerate the higher water temperatures while your bettas can definitely do so for some period of time.

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Overall, the most important aspect is to keep a stable temperature.  Most tropical fish do not do well if their water temperature is constantly in a state of flux.  This will weaken their immune systems and likely cause premature death.  For a good ebook that answers this question and many more in great detail, click here.

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