Where to get betta fish

If you are wondering where to get betta fish there are likely several factors involved in your decision. These include selection/types of betta fish, quality of the fish available, and possible shipping charges involved. With the different options including local pet stores, online betta fish, and any local betta breeding clubs, there are different ways to get betta fish.

First of all, the internet is an awesome source for buying Siamese fighting fish. Sites like eBay often have sellers that breed their own high quality fish and offer them for great prices. This is most suitable to people in the United states and Canada since a few awesome American breeders list their fish for sale on eBay. There is usually a shipping price involved since fish will be mailed by overnight or priority shipping, especially in colder weather. There are many betta tail types available online, but halfmoons and crowntails and plakats are the most readily available betta fish on line.

Another choice of where to get betta fish is a local breeding club. Many cities and states have betta clubs full of people who breed Siamese fighting fish for fun and to make money. These are often the most enthusiastic breeders who are trying new color combinations. This means you can get choose from many color choices for your betta fish. They almost always select only their best quality fish as the spawning pair which means their fins are continually being strengthened and the overall shape and appearance improved.

Your local pet shop is another place to get bettas. If you are just looking for a fun fish for your kids, this is the best option to consider as the fish should be only $5 approximately. The selection is usually limited as bettas for sale at local fish stores are usually mass-produced with quantity rather than quality in mind. Veil tails are the most readily available fish at pet shops. There will almost always be some green bettas, red bettas, and blue bettas for sale but if you are lucky you can get some fancier color variations and maybe even some halfmoons or crowntail fish (often for less than $20 still). Buying locally helps save money too since you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Once you have decided where to get betta fish for your new aquarium or betta fish tanks, then all you have to do is start looking. If you are looking for the best quality fish, eBay is the quickest place to find great bettas online.

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